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  • The Sheffield UFO Incident

    In March of 1997, not too long after the Phoenix Lights incident in the USA, a series of strange sightings occurred over Northern England.The Hale Bopp comet was visible in the skies and had attracted both serious and casual observers to venture out. People in the Peak District and nearby surrouding areas such as Sheffield, reported hearing sonic booms, seeing bright flashes in the sky, low flying aircraft and lights throughout the night. There were even reports of a black, triangular UFO seen in the skies that night. It was later speculated that it was being pursued by RAF Tornado jet fighters as part of an intercept mission and that one of the fighters crashed into the Moors. .......

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  • Rendlesham Forest UFO

    Christmas night 1980. Strange lights were seen by military personnel at the USAF base at Bentwaters in Suffolk ,England. A small security patrol went off base and reported seeing a strange object which eventually took off and vanished. The following night the object returned and the Deputy Base Commander took a team out to investigate. He reported seeing a craft shining beams of light down onto the base and radiation was detected in the forest. A tape recording was made whilst the team was out in the forest .One of the military officers stationed there claims to have walked around and inspected the craft. Another even claims to have seen small alien beings. .....

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  • Berwyn Mountains UFO

    There is much speculation that may point to a UFO crashing or landing in the Welsh mountains one dark winter night early in 1974. There is a sceptical explanation that a series of rare, natural events caused loud explosions and strange pulsing lights over North Wales on January 23rd 1974. But not everyone agrees . There are other accounts of the strange lights on the Berwyn mountains, an alleged British Army presence with roadblocks in the area, alien bodies recovered at the "crash" site, strange helicopter sightings, and visits by men-in-black . There is even a story, that other craft were submerged off the British Isles in the Irish Sea and flushed out of the sea by the Royal Navy and RAF. ....

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