The Berwyn Mountains UFO - Pat Evans Story

At 9.40pm - Local nurse Pat Evans from the close by village of Llandderfel, hears reports of a possible aircraft accident. She leaves home, accompanied by her two teenage daughters and makes the journey towards the mountains, in the belief she can assist and offer first aid to any survivors. She and her two daughters see a red/orange glow on the slope of Cader Berwyn a few miles to the left. She described it as almost perfectly round and pulsating.

They also see smaller lights lower down the mountain, flashing like fairy lights and moving in a zigzag pattern towards the object. Pat at first assumes these are the lights from a rescue team. However, soon realizing that no rescue team could have possibly been organized and also have arrived before her, she becomes totally confused, and leaves the scene to return home with her daughters. At one point she is politely stopped by a military patrol and then allowed to go on her way. * (according to differing testimony Pat Evans encountered no one else on the road)

A local farmer Mike Saville and his wife owned a holding on Garth Goch, with a clear view of the Berwyn Mountains at the time. Mike Saville says he and his wife were at home that night reading when they heard a loud tremor, causing their house to shake and went outside to see what had happened. Looking towards the Berwyn Mountains he could see a light on the mountain. He and his wife saw a bright orange glowing object resting on the mountain.They went over to a neighbour about 400 yards away to find that it had caused panic in nearby Llandrillo.

The object was still on the mountain but had appeared to move lower and out of their sight. Other witnesses said the UFO moved along the top of Cader Berwyn and another said she saw the UFO about 10:20pm heading towards the English border.A Leon Pritchard returned from Bala at 9:30pm saying army trucks and military personnel were heading towards Llandrillo. It initimates that the lights on Cader Berwyn (seen by Pat Evans) were actually the military.


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