The Berwyn Mountains UFO - Gwynedd Police Files

Here is a sample of the calls recorded on The Gwynedd Police Constabulary Major Incident Log.

*The times are the logged time of the call/visit to the police not the time witnesses saw or heard something.

21.10pm - Explosion. PC receiving 999 calls of UFO. A witness who saw an object on the hillside reported: 'Saw bright red light, like coal fire red. Large perfect circle. Like a big bonfire. Could see lights above and to the right and white lights moving to bottom. Light changed colour to yellowish white and back again.'

'There's been a large explosion in the area and there is a large fire in the mountainside. I am speaking from ... and can see the fire where I am.'
Telex message to chief constable Gwynedd constabulary.

22.00pm approx
Saw bright green lights, object with tail - travelling west. Saw about Bangor direction - dropped down.

At approx 10pm on 23/1/74: Saw a circular light in the sky at an estimated height of 1,500 feet. This object exploded and pieces fell to the ground. Mr xx.. estimates the pieces would have fallen into the (Irish) sea between Rhyl and Liverpool.

The Liverpool Daily Post of the 25th Jan 1974 reported that the officer in charge at the police incident HQ at Colwyn Bay….. “had checked with RAF Valley [Anglesey] and the air traffic control centre at Preston and had to treat the incident “as if a plane had crashed”. Within an hour “about ten” officers had began searching the Berwyn Mountains where lights had been reported, and emergency services were alerted. The police team was joined by an RAF mountain rescue group and teams of experts”.

Theories at the time were that a large meteorite had exploded or even an old WWII bomb had detonated. It was further reported that many people on the North West coast , especially in the Isle of Man, had seen an RAF night bombing exercise.

The possibility of finding a large meteorite drew in geologists to search the area, including staff and students from Leeds, Liverpool and Durham Universities, and various amateurs. RAF Canberra survey aircraft also photographed the area in the days that followed. Nothing was found to suggest anything had crashed into the mountains range. At least officially nothing was ever found. There were reports of a lot of military activity, roadblocks in the area and strange visitors to the surrounding villages questioning people on what they had seen. However, with investigations turning up nothing, the media’s interest waned and the story faded away.

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