The Berwyn Mountains UFO - A Load of Bolides

Andy Roberts’ (pictured) and the accepted official story of events is that a meteor entered the earth's atmosphere over Britain accompanied by an earthquake registering above 4 on the Richter scale. Activity afterwards, from the men in black, was attributed to visits from the Geological Survey teams.

The lights seen were either from the meteor, or earth lights created by the tremor. The smaller lights seen by Pat Evans were claimed to be poachers’ lamps. Also two military jets allegedly had crashed in the area in both 1972 and then 1982 and some witnesses (questioned well after the event) are assumed to have mixed this up with the original event from 1974 and hence the claims of military roadblocks by confused locals. The explanations were plausible the case seemed closed.

If you would like to mull over the details of the Geological Survey report then it is available as a free downloadable pdf document.

The paper provides data that points to an earthquake with it's maximum intensity felt at five places: Bala, Carrog, Corwen, Llandrillo and Maentwrog. The tremor(s) coinciding with a meteor shower at the same time. It's a really dull read and the scientific data actually seems somewhat more inconclusive reading between the lines of the report, than it alludes to.

As we shall see not everyone agrees with this conclusion.

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