The Berwyn Mountains UFO - A UFO Landing?

A couple of decades after the original incident had seemingly been buried as a piece of Welsh folklore Berwyn once again gained focus in the 1990s and early 21s century and would not go away.

Scott Felton, a long time researcher of the case believes that the official story was a cover-up and that a craft of some sort landed on the mountain and stayed there for around an hour and a half.

Scott maintains that Andy Roberts story is full of erroneous detail. Pat Evans could not have seen poachers’ lamps (or even the police lights) on Cader Berwyn because both groups were miles away on Cader Bronwen and the poachers had finished by 9.00pm. The aircraft crashes that confused the memories of villagers’ years after the event are also questioned. Felton has discovered that no military crash occurred in 1972 anywhere near Berwyn and in 1982 a light training aircraft (not a Harrier carrying secret equipment - as Roberts claimed) crashed with very little disturbance to the locals during a rapid clear up operation.

Felton goes further and states that back in 1974 a hotel chef was stopped whilst returning from Corwen, a reporter from Bala had a camera confiscated by British military and that two students returning from a course in Dolgellau noted a very heavy police presence in Llandrillo at just after 9.30pm. He even claims that a relative of Pat Evans, claimed she confided in them that she had been stopped by a military patrol whilst returning from the mountains on the night of the incident. Something Roberts refutes.

Scott Felton’s research has led him to conclude that a UFO had landed in the mountains on a number of occasions and prior to the 23rd Jan. 1974. He believes that a military operation was planned for the 23rd (using the meteor story as a cover if needed) but no one had predicted the earth tremor that brought people out into the streets. Although Felton does not claim anything extra-terrestrial landed he has been quoted as saying:

“I believe an object came down, it stayed for about an hour and a half and left of its own volition. It was hanging around before January 23rd and it was around for up to three weeks afterwards. The military was waiting for it that night. The only way they knew to be there was because it had been coming for a few days.” Source :

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