The Berwyn Mountains UFO - Conclusions

Further reports affirm that an explosion was heard at 8:30 pm followed by an earth tremor at 8:39 pm, which taken alone, points to the conclusion Andy Roberts came to.

However a Ken Haughton of Betws-y-Coed about 15 miles west of Llandrillo , sighted a luminous sphere, with no tail, descending at an estimated 1000 – 1500 mph. It was 15000 feet up and around 300 – 400 feet across in size. He predicted it would have come down in the Irish Sea off the coast of Rhyl. What is more interesting is that this sighting was around 10:00 pm and he recalls the News at Ten starting on TV as he returned indoors. This is much later than the original explosions heard in Llandrillo.

The police at Oswestry reported sighting lights after the rumble at 8:30 pm and the coastguard at Holyhead saw an object that resembled a flaming tadpole about an hour afterwards. Farmer John Lewis sighted a hedgehog shaped craft hovering the day before the explosion.

There is also a report of an object being sighted on the evening after the explosion was heard. David Upton of Gobowen (just north of Oswestry) sighted a craft in the West at around 7:15 pm. Viewing through binoculars he saw a disc shaped object divided into 4 sections (individually coloured red, green, yellow and purple). This was confirmed by his sister and mother.

Finally 150 miles to the North East ,in Sunderland, a long black oblong object was also seen hovering above Barnes School on the same night as the main activity in North Wales (Jan 23rd 1974). This sighting was around 7:15 pm. A little over an hour before the explosion and lights were seen in North Wales.


This evidence came from news reports immediately after the events and so the witnesses are likely to have been clearer on the facts. It is highly unlikely that all the reports are lies and people seeking attention. Especially reports from the Oswestry police and the North Wales Coastguard. So it seems the case is far from closed on the Berwyn UFO and researchers like Scott Felton and Russ Kellet may have been closer to the truth than we were originally led to believe.

Slightly tangential to the Berwyn incident were the Phantom Helicopter stories mentioned elsewhere that suddenly came to a stop after the incident. Although investigations went on into the autumn of 1974 the perpetrators were never found. (Ref National Archives DEFE 24-2031-1). Did these incidents have any links to Berwyn?

Finally in 2008 a further witness came forward stating that he saw something 3 weeks after the initial incident. Geraint Edwards said:

It was definitely a flying saucer. It was a pity I didn't have a camera because it was there for at least 10 minutes, just hovering. We were on the way down to play darts when something caught our eye in the south-east, so we stopped. 'It looked like a rugger (rugby) ball, but the ends of it were more pointy. When it took off, it just went like lightning on the same line as it hovered. I wrote it down in my diary. It was 6.45pm on the Friday night. If we were coming back from the pub, people would be saying, 'They've had one or two.' But we were going TO the pub.

Berwyn is arguably 2nd only to Rendlesham as Britain’s major UFO incident. Despite that it remains somewhat unknown outside of the British Isles.

If the explosion and lights can all be simply explained as a meteorite and an earthquake, then you can see how a “Roswell like” mythology is allowed to build in stories of this nature.

But, then again perhaps something really odd was going on back in January 1974 and the authorities have still to reveal the truth to us?

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