Rendlesham UFO : "This is Unreal!"

Halt and his men could see a field and observed a farmhouse that appeared to be glowing intensely. This was Christmas so it may have been an exotic light of some sort. Halt decided against disturbing the occupants but could sense a feeling of static in the atmosphere that had been reported earlier.

Then as they left the forest the airmen again noticed the object sitting in the farmers field . It had a red/yellow/orange glow to it and looked as if sparks were coming off of it. Adrian Bustinza returned to the group and he claims that he saw around 20 or 30 men surrounding the object in the field. Halt denies this but cannot deny Bustinza was at the scene as he is heard on the tape. Events were getting stranger and stranger.

Halt and his group began to reach the fence line of the field and the object once again began to move through the trees shedding what appeared to be molten metal at times. Although no evidence of anything was found on the ground. There was a bright flash and the object split into a number of glowing balls of light and rose into the night sky. Halt can be heard clearly disturbed to say "This is unreal" as he observes one of the objects shining pencil thin beams of light down at the base.

On the 1990s show "Unsolved Mysteries" dedicated to the Rendlesham Incident Halt said :

The object suddenly exploded; a silent explosion... and broke into three to five white objects and rapidly disappeared. One of the lights hovered high in the sky.

We could fairly clearly see it. It sort of danced about in the sky and it sent down beams of light. I noticed other beams of light coming down from the object, falling different places on the base. My boss was standing in his front yard at Woodbridge and he could see the beams of light falling down, and the people in the Weapons storage area and several other places on the base also reported the lights. They didn't seem to be harmful. The beam stayed on for about 5-10 seconds and just as abruptly as it came, it disappeared...

The objects in the sky were moving about, sharp angular movements, very high speed. I kept getting on the radio and calling the command post - I wanted to know if they were finding anything on the radar scope. One of the objects in the sky was sending down beams, beams of light, beams of energy, I'm not sure what they were. At that same time I could hear on the radio, voices talking about the beams coming down on the base

Halt explained that he was worried about what the beams were, he was not sure if it was a weapon, a warning or some other kind of signal. He has mentioned, since the incident, that the object sending beams of light down to the ground was 'certainly under intelligent control'. In some statements he has been quoted, or perhaps mis-quoted, that the beams were shone directly onto the weapons storage areas. Some of the staff in the Weapon's Storage Area have contested that sightings were made and Halt's boss Ted Conrad has also refuted claims that he saw anything out of the ordinary.

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