Rendlesham UFO : Larry Warren's Story

Larry Warren is the only 'witness' (to date) to have written a book "Left At East Gate" concerning the Rendlesham Forest incident. Many of the other witnesses claim Warren's story to be totally fabricated.

Larry Warren was on duty on the night he claims to have witnessed something truly bizarre. Warren arrived at Bentwaters on 1st December 1980. On the night of 28th/29th he was stationed on the Perimeter Post 18 at Bentwaters.

Warren claims around 11:15pm he heard radio chatter from RAF Bentwaters Weapons Storage Area observation tower. There was talk of strange lights over and in the forest. Shortly after Adrian Bustinza arrived in a security truck along with Lt. Englund and 2 other officers. Warren was advised to leave his post and accompany them to pick up some Lightalls. They picked up the Lightalls and proceeded towards RAF Woodbridge along with other vehicles. Animals were scurrying across the road in panic much like on previous nights. Weapons were removed and secured and they left the trucks. The men were split into groups and told to approach a field at the edge of Rendlesham forest on foot.

Warren says that helicopters were present in the sky and the men were told to maintain radio silence. He has also claimed that the event was captured on both video and still cameras by unknown persons. Warren remembers a radio message "Here it comes, here it comes" and a bright reddish light approached them from the coast. It burst into shards of rainbow coloured light.

Larry Warren claims the retinas of his eyes were burned by this and he lost focus (something which he claims still troubles him to this day). The next thing he knew there was a dense fog ahead of him in the field. A pyramid shaped object appeared within the fog that he could barely make out as it kept shifting in shape and colour. He was ordered to approach the craft and recalls that it felt like time was being warped, static effects could be felt and his shadow appeared to be being pulled into the centre of the lights. He then remembers the most startling claim of this incident. He saw what he first thought were small children but were actually tiny beings within the lights. He claims a senior officer arrived and began an attempt at communication with the beings in what appeared to be a stand-off. He then explains that he returned to base at around 4:00am. Although the UFO remained in the area as he left.

Warren then says that later the same day he, along with a number of the other men out there (Adriam Bustinza being one), were taken underground to be de-briefed by various agents. There, Warren was told that he had witnessed an alien contact and that from time to time many extra-terrestrial species visited earth. He was shown a film of UFO events from the 1940s through to modern day (1980) .Those present were advised to not speak of the events as "bullets are cheap". A more detailed account is given in his book "Left At East Gate".

The UFO story remained quiet for 3 years until a Freedom of Information Act was filed and the News of the World printed the story in October of 1983. Larry Warren was given an honourable dis-charge from the USAF and was the first witness to go public with the story.


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