Rendlesham UFO : The Aftermath

The story of the Rendlesham Forest incident is probably one of the most famous in UFO folklore. Perhaps second only to the 1947 alleged crash at Roswell. The story gathered pace in the mid 1980s with Larry Warren first going public. More witnesses began to appear on TV and radio shows in the 1990s. With the establishment of the internet many of the witnesses have appeared on podcasts and some occasionally took part in forum discussions on the incident.

James Penniston and John Burroughs underwent hypnotic regression in the 1990s in attempts to reach an answer to what had happened to them in the forest back in 1980. The answer seems to be that the craft was actually some kind of time travel experiment from our distant future. Whilst Penniston has embraced the idea and now talks of walking round the craft making notes and snapping photographs for some forty five minutes, Burroughs is not as convinced and has no re-collection of Penniston getting so close to a craft. Even though he was no more than a few yards away from him at the time. Penniston, like Larry Warren, claims he was interrogated after the event by agents from the OSI (The US Air Force Office of Special Investigations). Larry Warren maintains that what he saw was very real to him but also concedes that some of his memories could have been implanted by devious mind control methods.

Colonel Charles Halt went on the record in 2010 saying:


" I believe the objects that I saw at close quarter were extraterrestrial in origin and that the security services of both the United States and the United Kingdom have attempted – both then and now – to subvert the significance of what occurred at Rendlesham forest and RAF Bentwaters by the use of well-practiced methods of disinformation".

This statement was followed by an extensive interview with Colonel Ted Conrad who was the highest ranking officer directly involved in the case. The following excerpts are from correspondence with Dr David Clarke.

" Lt. Col Halt's report of more lights both on the ground and in the sky brought quite a few people out of their houses at Woodbridge to see what was there. These people included myself, my wife, Lt Col Sawyer (the Director of Personnel), his wife, and several others listening to my radio and looking for the lights Halt was describing. Despite a sparkling, clear, cloudless, fogless night with a good field of view in all directions, we saw nothing that resembled Lt Col Halt's descriptions either in the sky or on the ground".
"There were no conspiracies, no secret operation, no missile accident, and no harsh interrogations by OSI [Office of Special Investigations, USAF]. I was in a position to know about the OSI. It was a special organisation with a special mission. They had their own chain of command, but in practice the OSI commander kept me informed of any ongoing investigations they had. Someone reporting unexplained lights would not normally have been subject to OSI attention. They were after serious lawbreakers, including drug traffickers, security risk, and the like. “If I have any regrets, it is that I should have challenged Lt Col Halt's account of the events on the night of 28 December. However since I wanted to avoid the appearance of shaping the story, I was reluctant to require any changes to his letter to Don Moreland.

The search for an explanation could go many places including the perpetration of a clever hoax. Natural phenomenon such as the very clear cold air having a theoretical ability to guide and reflect light across great distances or even the presence of an alien spacecraft. If someone had the time, money and technical resources to determine the exact cause of the reported Rendlesham Forest lights, I think it could be done. I also think the odds are way high against there being an ET spacecraft involved, and almost equally high against it being an intrusion of hostile earthly craft. In the final analysis, the Rendlesham Forest lights remain unexplained. I think they are explainable, but not with the information we have been able to gather…"

On the next pages we will see some of the theories on the case.

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