Rendlesham UFO : Theories on What Happened

The events of December 1980 are still confounding people today. A number of theories have been presented over the years from various sources. They are listed in brief here but we will (with the exception of the first mentioned theories) explore them in the pages that follow.


The Burning Manure Truck, Police Car Lights and Tractor theories

These have all been mentioned down the years. However the stories lack credibility as they have no evidence or witnesses to corroborate the original stories. They have been pretty much dismissed after briefly making headlines.


Satellite Re-Entry

This theory revolves around the Soviet Cosmos 749 satellite .The rocket body from the satellite, re-entered the earth's atmosphere shortly after 9pm on Christmas Day. The fireball broke into several pieces as it decayed and created a spectacular light display in the night sky. It was tracked across southeast England with the final fragment disappearing somewhere over the Thames Estuary.


Apollo Recovery Accident

BBC Radio Suffolk strongly backed this theory in their show for the 30th anniversary of the event in December of 2010. Despite the fact that the Apollo rocket had not been used for 8 years the Apollo Recovery and Rescue team were based at Woodbridge. The story here is that a practical joke went wrong and a helicopter hit the runway lights with the dummy capsule suspended below it. Concerned that the chopper was out of control the capsule was dumped in the forest and a cover story was concocted about UFOs to retrieve it.


The Lighthouse Theory

One of the most detailed, sceptical theories is by an astronomer, Ian Ridpath. His proposal is that in the clear cold conditions the light from Orford Ness lighthouse gave the appearance of strange lights in the forest. A bright meteorite was also sighted over Southern England around 3am on December 26th 1980 which accounts for reports of a downed aircraft in the forest. Ripath dismisses the radiation readings recorded by Halt's team as nothing more than background levels and that the lights observed on the second night were simply stars in the sky. A full and thorough investigation is available at his website.

It is well written and researched and provides a number of possible sceptical explanations to events reported in the original witness statements. A number of other UFO researchers and the airmen involved dismiss this theory.


Military Experiments/ Time Travel Theory

These theories are based on some kind of top secret technology being used. Either a prototype craft or more esoteric experiments possibly even psy-ops. The time travel theory came from the hypnotic regression that James Penniston and John Burroughs underwent. It seems that humanity or its future incarnation have found the means to travel back in time.


The Extra-Terrestrial or Inter Dimensional Theory

Maybe it really was ET, something from somewhere else or even a dimension beyond our understanding?

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