Rendlesham UFO : Apollo Recovery Team Accident Theory?

This story is one that was favoured by Mark Murphy on BBC radio Suffolk's "Rendlesham Revealed" shows of December 2010. The rumours had began a few years earlier.

Speaking about it on the radio he said "After looking at the various theories, the one that seemed most plausible was that the alien spacecraft was actually an Apollo space rocket capsule which had been dropped following a helicopter accident early on Boxing Day 1980."

The Woodbridge airbase was home to the Apollo recovery team which would be called out if the rocket landed anywhere other than the Pacific. “For whatever reason, it seems the helicopter crew went up on Christmas night and took the capsule out for a trip, suspended below it on chains."

“The helicopter was flying low and it smashed into the runway lights, causing it to drop the capsule into the forest. They then came back the next day to recover the capsule. It was then taken to an air force base in America and, apparently, its dimensions match up with those in the forest supposedly caused by the ‘alien spacecraft'.

“Lots of people saw lights in the sky that night and there was one couple, who are no longer with us, who swore they saw a helicopter carrying on chains what looked like an upside down ice cream cornet.”

The theory was proposed by Graham Haynes, who runs the Cold War Museum on the site of the former Bentwaters base and Mark Murphy believes this to be the most plausible one. The problem with this explanation is that the story doesn't quite add up. The following day Captain Verrano accompanied a British policeman to the alleged scene of the landing site (see actual picture below) this was some time in the morning after 10:30am when a call was logged with the local police.

It is documented in a police file. This is where 3 holes were observed in the ground equidistant from each other in a triangle shape. Now if they had come back the next day to recover the craft then it was recovered before Halt went out the following night as it was no longer at the landing site. Nor can helicopters be heard on the good quality recording of Halt's tape on the second night's events.

If the whole incident is a cover story to retrieve the capsule without anyone knowing that a silly prank had backfired then why involve the British police at all? As yet no one has come forward to admit responsibility or even point the finger at the individuals involved. So it is very difficult to say that this is the most plausible explanation as Mark Murphy thinks. It is an interesting theory nonetheless.

As a footnote the USA does have previous history of losing Apollo rescue capsules. In 1971 the Soviets handed back a BP-1227 capsule to the US Naval vessel Southwind in the Bay of Biscay. It is believed the capsule was lost at sea during an exercise by one of the UK based recovery teams and a Soviet "fishing vessel" picked it up in early 1970.

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