Rendlesham UFO : Experiments, Time Travel and the ET Theories

There are a number of theories on what the US airmen witnessed. Most of these have little or no corroborating evidence but here is a brief run through of various, and sometimes exotic, theories on this case.

Stealth experiments - The stealth fighter would not appear in public for another decade. It is black and triangular. It would certainly explain a lack of radar contact but does it really explain the rest of the story? How would one land and then take off in the forest and how do you fit this in with the 2nd night of sightings? More importantly did this technology exist back then? In 1980 I have doubts that anything like this would be flying around Rendlesham Forest on Christmas night and surely it would be landing on a runway not in a forest?

Psy-Ops - Some believe that a psychological operation was taking place and the airmen were simply part of some sort of military exercise. If this is the case then surely this was a very dangerous thing to do over a Christmas holiday period at an airbase in England housing highly sensitive weapons. With tensions in Poland rising there was a very real threat that Soviet troops might roll across the Polish border. Was this really the time and place to conduct such an exercise? Especially given that the airmen had ventured onto UK sovereign territory. It doesn't seem plausible and surely Colonel Halt would be aware of such an exercise? Maybe he was?

Time Travel - As mentioned before Jim Penniston appears to have embraced his account of the incident under hypnotism and has now determined that he touched a metallic craft, made notes and even took photographs (which did not turn out) during a 45 minute inspection. He has also embraced the idea that the craft came from our future and now openly talks about this on TV and radio shows. John Burroughs hypnosis session also produced a time travel scenario but he is less convinced by the sessions than his compatriot. Sceptics believe the men were influenced by the film "Official Denial". But there is no proof that either of them had watched this movie prior to their hypnosis. We must however question the reliability of hypnosis. As time travel is also something that is theoretically possible but way beyond our current understanding then this remains a theory that cannot be verified.

Extra Terrestrial Intelligence - This is the basis of Larren Warren's book about the incident "Left at East Gate" and perhaps the theory that a lot of UFOlogists would like to believe in. Speculation that aliens interfere with nuclear weapons around nuclear bases is something that has been in existence for decades. In fact modern UFO sightings seem to have gained prominence around the time humanity began testing nuclear weapons on a regular basis.

The fact that sightings occurred across at least two nights makes this incident even more interesting. If Jim Penniston is to be believed then the craft he inspected could well be of alien origin, although probably unoccupied. Charles Halt seems to believe the craft he saw on the following night were under intelligent control and firing beams of light down on to the base. It all makes a great story. However there are so many contradictory things said by witnesses and inaccurately reported facts by the media that the ET angle to the story is becoming just like the Roswell story.

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