Rendlesham UFO : Rendlesham in Summary

The incident presents us with a lot of evidence and a number of military officers as seemingly credible witnesses. There is a lot more to the case than the average UFO sighting in the sky or a grainy photograph. However it is impossible to tell what really happened with the testimony and evidence given. Much of it is contradictory and perhaps in Larry Warren's and Jim Penniston's cases speculative and unreliable.

Something happened on the first night and it appeared that something like an aircraft had come down near the bases. It must have been considered serious enough for the troops to venture off base as Rendlesham forest is under UK jurisdiction. There is confirmed contact with the UK police in the early hours of the 26th but what remains unanswered is who authorized Halt's venture out on the following night or even Lt Tamplin's investigation just before it?

Penniston and Burroughs were witnesses on the first night but their stories contradict each other. Burroughs claims all he saw was bright coloured lights. Penniston, who was a few yards away, says he touched a black triangular craft and made notes during a 45 minute exploration of it. Given it's reported size this seems a somewhat long time to spend investigating it. But then perhaps the effects of time appearing to slow down and static in the air were impairing the servicemen? The alleged landing sites are also disputed as Halt and Penniston have changed their minds a couple of times.

Halt's expedition off base has a very interesting tape recording of events as evidence. He does sound genuinely distressed at times on the tape and the other airmen can clearly be heard on the higher quality copies that have now become available. However it comes to a disappointing end as he heads back to the base leaving the objects still in the sky. What was happening back at the base? If the lights were genuinely threatening the security of the weapons on the base then surely a full blown alert would have been declared? There is nothing to suggest an alarm was sounded nor does it seem were aircraft scrambled to investigate the intrusions into the skies above the bases.

Larry Warren's story is a fantastic one involving UFOs, alien beings and secret agent interrogations. All the makings of a good movie script are involved. But is it believable? Some servicemen recall OSI and possibly other agencies conducting enquiries. Others, like Burroughs, do not. Col Ted Conrad denies any involvement by them whatsoever. Warren is adamant that what he saw happened and that he may have been subjugated to mind control whilst he was in the military. He also claims there is a film of the UFO landing and that it was flown out of Bentwaters the following day.

The fact that the whole incident was played down by the USAF at the time and then RAF suggests two things. Either the events really were of no defence significance or the incident is all an embarrassing mistake to the USAF and RAF. In which case the witnesses are simply churning out a good a yarn these days for attention, financial gain and/or to save face. Who wants to admit that all they really saw was a lighthouse, meteorites and burning space junk after so many years?

Or at some level something is being covered up? Maybe Halt, Warren or Penniston are part of this cover up? Their stories being diversion tactics for something else that happened. Perhaps one or more of them has been 'messed with' in some way to spread disinformation. If that is the case then we can only speculate on what the real truth may be. An alien spacecraft may have landed in the forest in the early hours of Boxing day 1980 and something may have returned 24 hours later. But any proof is elusive.

The evidence available in the public domain is frustratingly contradictory and inconclusive. Something happened in Rendlesham Forest over that Christmas period. We will probably never know whether it was something fairly mundane involving a rare coincidence of atmospheric phenomena, shootings stars and active imagination, a military cover-up with a down to earth explanation, or a visitation by something we truly do not understand.

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