Rendlesham UFO : Post-script -Penniston's Binary Codes

In later years (2010) Jim Penniston claimed to have touched and sketched a triangular craft with strange glyph markings on it. In 2010 he produced a notebook containing binary code which he had somehow downloaded and memorized after touching the craft. The code was translated back into English and displayed a strange message.




52° 09’ 42.532” N
13° 13’ 12.69” W




In the early 21st century the MoD, allegedly, released all its files on Rendlesham and dismissed the case because there was no perceived threat to national security. However many involved in the case believe it to be far from closed and that secret documents on both sides of the Atlantic will never be released.

UFOs – ‘You must have the facts and you can’t tell the people.”

These were the words of former PM of the UK, Margaret Thatcher, to journalist Georgina Bruni when asked her opinion of UFOs.

What exactly did the Iron Lady mean? Perhaps there was something to Churchill’s words all those years ago about keeping things secret. That would be the literal interpretation.

There are still those sceptical theories that claim Rendlesham was all triggered by a satellite, a lighthouse, bright starlight, a burning manure truck, a police car in the woods and even the Apollo Rescue Capsule that was kept at Woodbridge. Whatever it was there is not one all encompassing sceptical theory that quite explains Rendlesham.

There is so much more to the story and it is still evolving to this day. There are other sources that give the finer details , the twists and turns as the story has been spun down the years and conflict between the airmen involved, UFOlogists and sceptics but we'll end it here.

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