Rendlesham UFO : James Penniston's Statement

Let's check on the statement of Sgt. James Penniston who was close by during their investigation in the forest. This is Jim Penniston's statement soon after the events.

“Received dispatch from CSC to rendezvous with Police 4 AIC Burroughs, and Police 5 SSgt Steffens at east Gate Woodbridge. Upon arriving at east gate directly to the east about 1 and a half miles in a large wooded area. A large yellow glowing light was emitting above the trees. In the centre of the lighted area directly in the centre ground level, there was red light blinking on and off 5 to 10 second intervals. And a blue light that was being for the most part steady. After receiving permission from CSC, we proceeded off base pass east gate, down an old logging road. Left vehicle, proceeded on foot. Burroughs and I were approx. 15-20 meters apart and proceeding on a true east direction from logging road. The area in front of us was lighting up a 30 metre area. When we got within a 50 metre distance, the object was producing red and blue light. The blue light was steady and projecting under the object. It was up the area directly extending a metre or two out. At this point of positive identification I relayed to CSC, SSgt Coffey. A positing sighting of the object…1….Colour of lights and that it was definitely mechanical in nature. This is the closest point that I was near the object at any point. We then proceeded after it. It moved in a zig-zagging manner back through the woods, then lost sight of it. On the way back we encountered a blue streaking light to the left only lasting a few seconds. After 45 min walk, arrived at our vehicle.”

Here are Penniston's two sketches that he made to illustrate what he saw. There is a notable difference from John Burroughs sketch even allowing for artistic skills.

Click here to view Sketch 1

Click here to view Sketch 2

Penniston's story has grown somewhat since 1980. He has, perhaps understandably, claimed that talking about UFOs in the military was not a good career move. So his statement was generally downplayed and understated. In the years since he has claimed that he actually walked round and inspected a metallic like craft, touched the surface of it, made notes and sketched a rough picture of it and some glyphs or markings on the craft. In December 2010 he also revealed a notebook containing what appeared to be a binary code that somehow was transmitted to him during the encounter. We'll come to all that later. But let’s look at the final statement of the trio who were out there - Ed Cabansag's.

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