Rendlesham UFO : Boxing Day (26th December 1980) after Sunrise

The airmen returned from the forest in the early hours of the morning and the story then becomes a little unclear. James Penniston claims to have taken photographs, and made notes in a personal notebook, of the encounter whilst he was out there. He believes he spent around 45 minutes inspecting the craft. Long after his initial statement, and over a decade later, he has gone on to say that he inspected and touched a black, glasslike metallic craft with glyph like markings on it and received a binary code type download from it. This "download" was later transcribed by hand into his notebook in late Dec 1980 according to Penniston. However it was late December 2010 before he released the information to the public.

Penniston also claims to have been out into the forest and made plaster casts of three round indentations at the "landing site" of the craft only hours after finishing his shift. This is confirmed in Halt's original memo. British police were also called in the early hours by the security office at Bentwaters but had been forced to attend a break- in incident and by the time of their investigation reported that the only light visible came from the Orford Ness lighthouse. Although rumours persist of a deeper involvement the available documented evidence is to the contrary and we do not know if there are yet more documents being stored secretly by the US or UK military that may never be released publicly. Other stories tell of a party going out into the forest with Colonel Conrad (Base Commander) who found burn marks on the trees but nothing conclusive.

Lori Buoen was on duty on the evening of the 26th/morning 27th December she was assigned to guarding the gates. She was in the wooden East Gate guard shack and recalls watching a large, orange-red ball of fiery light descend slowly into the forest and disappear. The date of Lori's sighting and report to Central Security Command was the night she and a security colleague heard Lt. Bonnie Tamplin yell for D Flight's Security Flight Chief over the radio.

This is also a lesser known part of the incident between the first night and Colonel Halt's encounter that John Burroughs spoke of in an interview he gave in 2009 on the Paracast radio show.

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