Rendlesham UFO : Boxing Day Evening

Here is what John Burroughs said on the Paracast radio show:

"This it how it played out on the second night...when I got home I callled my parents and told them what I saw. Then my dad, he'd been in the military, told me the best thing I could do was not talk about it. Because if you can't explain what you saw you are better off not talking about it. So I went home stayed up a little bit and then I went to sleep. It was later than normal when we got home as we were out in the woods checking the area. So it was early afternoon. I slept basically from then until early morning, 2 or 3am in the morning. All of a sudden I woke and I felt like something had just happened or happened again. Whatever it was it seemed to come back. So I got up, got cleaned up, I didn't have a car but in England you could hitch. I got up, I went out. I lived by a roundabout and hitched up to the base. I got to the base probably a little after 6 in the morning, went up to the desk and sure enough when I saw the desk Sergeant he gave a little crack about 'Whatever you saw was back tonight!'. He went into a little story about how again they'd seen lights out in the forest. They sent the shift commander out. She went out into the woods to see what the lights were again and her vehicle stalled out. It quit running. Some kind of blue light flew through her vehicle. She totally lost her composure as it had upset her a lot and they sent her home for the evening. At that point I decided I was going to go back out that night and see what went on....I hung out with some guys at the dorm. At that time we had no idea there was going to be another incident."


The female officer concerned was Lt. Bonnie Tamplin, mentioned earlier, accompanied by Bob Ball. Other stories suggest she may have lost a loaded handgun whilst out in the forest. Could the UFO story from the first night have been used as a cover up to give the USAF time to find a weapon? It seems rather over the top if true.

The base Deputy Commander Colonel Charles Halt appeared for work on the morning of the 26th December 1980 to hear that 3 Security policeman (Burroughs, Cabansag and Penniston) had left the base in the early hours and witnessed a UFO sighting. He approached the Police Operations Desk Officer, Sergeant McCabe, and asked what was going on? He was initially very sceptical of the reports. But the story of the UFO began to spread across the base and Halt was concerned that the USAF staff were losing concentration on their regular duties because of these rumours.


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