Rendlesham UFO : Benwaters & Woodbridge 26th/27th December

On the evening of the 27th December, Charles Halt and other USAF staff attended a Combat Support Group awards dinner. At the same time an incident at the back gate at RAF Woodbridge (Bentwaters twin base a few miles away) was occurring. Airman Gregory Battram and a small patrol had spotted lights dropping into the forest and what appeared to be a fire deep in the trees. After reporting the incident back to base they were given permission to investigate and go off base.

They parked up at the edge of the forest and moved towards where the lights were coming from. The patrol noticed a strange electrical type hum in the air and static effect on their hair and clothes. As they approached a clearing a fog appeared to be engulfing part of a field for about 100 metres with lights appearing in even denser fog at the centre estimated to be about 10 metres in size. The airman were deeply shocked by what they were witnessing and returned to the base to ask for assistance.

Sgt. Adrian Bustinza, who was at Bentwaters, had been alerted about another UFO sighting over at East Gate. He contacted his commanding officer Lt. Bruce Englund. Bruce Englund went over to RAF Woodbridge with Bustinza to assist with investigations. Englund met up with Battram as they were returning to Woodbridge and decided to report the incident to the senior officers at the Combat Support Group dinner. He located the Base Commander Ted Conrad and his deputy Charles Halt. He declared, "it's back". Deputy Base Commander Charles Halt asked, "what's back?"."The UFO is back!" stated Englund.

Halt decided to investigate with the intention of de-bunking the whole saga. He gathered a small team, including the disaster preparedness unit's Sgt. Monroe Nevilles. Nevilles collected a Geiger Counter and a camera. Lt. Englund went to Bentwaters to assemble a squad, taking Bustinza with him to prepare a number of Lightalls.

Bustinza also picked up Sergeant Bobby Ball and returned to Woodbridge. As they did so they found animals were running across the road from the forest in panic and had to swerve to avoid them. Halt meanwhile had been to change into military fatigues and pick up his micro cassette recorder and a starscope (night vision device). The team then headed to the edge of the forest.



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