The Sheffield UFO Incident - Witness Reports

Many witnesses were reporting low flying aircraft and strange lights from around 6:30pm in the evening up to around about 9:45pm. According to various witnesses the timeline goes as follows:

6.30pm approx - Around dusk - A Park Ranger in Derbyshire heard “an horrendous noise” in the sky.

7.40pm – A passenger travelling by train in the Barnsley area saw “a triangle shaped object with lights all around it hovering…” he told police “"There's no point in you looking for a crashed plane, it definitely wasn't a plane."

8.30pm – A motorist on the M62 in West Yorkshire saw an aircraft with its lights on, travelling nose down, disappear over a ridge. He expected to see flames but saw nothing more. Around the same time another driver on the A61 Chesterfield bypass saw a formation of three military jets headed towards the Derbyshire moors.

9.30pm – Multiple witnesses watching the Halle Bopp comet from the Shiregreen area of Sheffield, saw a formation of fighter jets flying directly above them in the direction of Derbyshire. A number of other witnesses including a radio reporter from Hallam FM reported hearing “a loud humming noise” above his car while on the Peak District moors.

9.45pm approx - A former RAF officer, John Brassington, reported to the police that "Two RAF jets came over low and fast then a twin engine plane circled twice over Dronfield. Those jets were so low they shook the foundations of my house”.

21.50 – A Mr. Rhodes stated he saw a glowing orange object going over the Ridgeway

9.55pm – Multiple reports from Dronfield, Derbyshire of aircraft travelling in a north direction towards the Peak District described as jet aircraft and at least one light aircraft. Emma Maidenhead also described a triangle object, wide as the street; really bright and just above the rooftops flying pretty slow heading for the moors.

10.00pm - A woman on the outskirts of Sheffield saw a long dark cigar shaped object flying in a across the moors towards the Peak District surrounded by an eerie “glow” like it was on fire, low and almost at rooftop level.

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