The Sheffield UFO Incident - More Witness Reports

More reports came in later that evening.

10.05pm – A Police special constable saw a light aircraft that looked like it was coming down, no higher than 500 feet.. with its windows lit up and then it disappeared behind some tall conifers.” She also heard what she thought was a boom in the area.

10.06pm – A husband and wife were watching TV and heard ,“a terrific explosion” ,in the sky outside their home on the moors. After an initial sweep of the moors they phoned 999 to report the explosion which was logged by Sheffield Police incident room

10.10pm - A farmer and his mother at Edge End Farm, Bolsterstone saw what they thought was an aircrash, an orange glow, followed by several plumes of smoke. They could detect “a strong smell of burning”.

10-10.15pm - Witness on the moor in his four-wheel drive vehicle and spotted what looked like an old time plane making a loud humming noise.

10.30 - 11pm – Two witnesses were at Boot’s Folly on a hill above the Strines Reservoir and heard what Sharon described as “a weird noise like a meteor.

10.35pm - Teenagers filmed a low-flying light aircraft. Police examined the footage but could not identify the plane and concluded that it did not take their inquiry any further.

10.54pm - A Derbyshire Police traffic patrol unit reported seeing “a plume of smoke” rising into the air to the west of the Woodhead area while heading for the suspected crash zone, unexplained smoke is spotted later near the Strines Inn and fire crews are asked to direct a spotlight in the direction from which the smoke appeared. The West Yorkshire Police helicopter (Y99) searches the area but finds nothing.

11.15pm approx – Snake Pass on the small viaduct over Ladybower reservoir. A mini-bus was flagged down by a man stinking of what smelled like "aviation fuel". He was not allowed onboard as the bus was already full. The witness, who came forward, later said he thought the man was acting suspiciously and police believed it was a man attempting suicide.

11.45pm approx – A businessman saw “a bright red light stationary in the sky” towards Glossop.

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