The Sheffield UFO Incident - Air of Conspiracy

Max BurnsThe main proponent of a UFO/Tornado crash was a man called Max Burns. An interesting character who managed to alienate himself from other UFO researchers by making claims that a radar operator from Royal Signals at RAF Linton On Ouse had tracked a UFO. Independent investigations showed that the radar at Linton was not powerful enough to pick up a radar return from the moors and the station was actually closed at the time.

Burns also claimed that the mysterious gentleman covered in jet fuel, who flagged down a minibus, was in fact a surviving co-pilot of a downed Tornado. Countering the claims of other British UFO researchers who maintained that this was actually an aborted suicide attempt by the individual concerned.

A subplot developed where he then began to talk of conspiracies that the military, government and UFO researchers Andy Roberts and Dr. David Clarke (amongst others) were all out to destroy his credibility and cover up the real truth.

That episode is a whole different story and the musings of the ironically named, Max Burns, can be seen here:

The official conclusion on this case is that nothing crashed in the Peak District that night. There were no records of a lost RAF aircraft and all known civilian flights reached their destinations safely according to research by Dr. David Clarke and his report in the Sheffield Star newspaper. However that is by no means the end of the story....

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