The Sheffield UFO Incident - Conclusions

The conclusion by, now official spokesman for the MoD on UFO files, David Clarke and his sidekick Andy Roberts have become the mainstream view on the Sheffield Incident.

However one thing that Max Burns appears right about is that there was a military cover-up. The most likely source of the sonic booms comes from supersonic aircraft. Aircraft that, were the responsibility of the RAF or a foreign power with permission to use UK airspace. If neither of those points is true then the the British MoD were not in control of UK airspace on March 24th 1997. A very frightening thought.

At first the RAF and MoD said that they had no involvement in the incident. Then as the pressure grew they changed their story, but would still not admit to having any aircraft in the air at the times the explosions were reported. Why the lies and the secrecy? Was there really a UFO or even an experimental craft being tested that night?


There are still the unaccounted sightings of one or more light aircraft that no one has ever traced either according to the official logs. The incident also happened less than two weeks after the Phoenix Lights incident in the USA. Coincidence? Perhaps.

In 2011 Max Burns claims to have tracked down an ambulanceman who's colleague (a former policeman) confirmed that an aircrew were picked up by police on the night of the incident. He also discovered a crash site in woods in the area and pieces of an aircraft. In the time that has passed since then nothing has ever reached the mainstream. You can see Burns giving a lecture on the case here (subject to availability) : Youtube link

The hardest thing to accept is that nothing much really happened to trigger a major and costly rescue exercise in the UK back in 1997.


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