UK UFO Cases : Cedric Allingham

Cedric Allingham , was an inconspicuous member of British society who authored the 1954 book “Flying Saucer from Mars”. That is if he ever really existed at all.


According to the bio in his book:

Cedric Allingham, born 1922 in Bombay, only son of a wealthy British textile manufacturer, was educated privately until he was ten, when his father retired and bought a house near Durban. Allingham's education was continued at schools in South Africa and England until he was seventeen when he entered a sanitorium with a serious illness which kept him on his back for nearly two years. In 1941 he joined the Army (RAOC) and was posted to the Middle East where he spent most of the war. It was during this time that he became interested in Astronomy through "identifying the stars for want of something better to do in the desert when it was too hot to sleep at night". Since the war, and the tragic death of his parents, whose ship was torpedoed only nine weeks before the German surrender, Allingham has lived a nomadic life in a caravan in which he likes to travel the country, and in which he also makes long trips on the Continent. Most of his time is spent in writing thrillers (which he publishes under a pseudonym) and in bird-watching. He also owns a cottage in Yorkshire where he occasionally retires to do his "serious writing" and observe the moon and planets through his 10 inch reflecting telescope. Since his unique experience, related in this book, he has started to make a collection of Flying Saucer sightings and is planning to carry out further extensive research during 1955 in California where a considerable number of Saucers have been reported seen in recent months.


Although he never admitted to it, both Allingham and his book, were supposedly the creations of former RAF pilot and British astronomer, Patrick Moore. The motive for writing the book was probably to show how easy it was to dupe those who “wanted to believe” in the stories of people like George Adamski and other contactees. Allingham claims to have met a man from Mars at Lossiemouth in Scotland and taken photos of the being and craft.

As a footnote Moore’s “Sky at Night” TV show, which has ran since the 1950s in Britain, remained the only long running UK TV programme to still be presented by the original host until he sadly passed away on Sunday 9th Dec 2012. Moore’s views on aliens visiting Earth were as sceptical up to his death as they were when Cedric Allingham was supposedly meeting Martians.


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