UK UFO Cases : Cleethorpes and West Freugh

West Freugh

On 22nd September 1956 at 3 pm a large, spherical object around 80 foot in diameter was observed off the Lincolnshire coast for over an hour and also seen on radar from RAF Manby. RAF aircraft set to intercept approached the object and it flew off rapidly.


.On 4th April 1957 a large object was seen on radar at RAF West Freugh near Stranraer at 50,000 ft. It was stationary for 10 minutes over the Irish Sea and then rose vertically to 70,000 ft . The object did an 'impossible' sharp turn and appeared as large as a ship, much bigger than a normal aircraft of the time. Unusual radar contacts were detected simultaneously on three tracking radars.

Some of the radar operators were interviewed by the national press, and the RAF West Freugh CO, Wing Commander Whitworth, stated that “a substantial object of unknown nature had been tracked” and that there could have been "no mistake".

The UK Government responded by claiming a detailed report was to be made. However no statement was ever made public. The Air Ministry simply said that no definite conclusion had been made but it was widely believed that the report was kept secret for national security reasons.

The official line was that the object was a weather balloon from RAF Aldergrove, N. Ireland in the area at the time, maybe a Soviet spy plane or even a private aircraft.

Flying Saucers had been making the news for almost a decade by this time and official attempts to cover up stories had by now become commonplace.

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