UK UFO Cases : Lakenheath/Bentwaters 1956

1956 Lakenheath Bentwaters illustration

During August 13th to 14th 1956 a number of radar and visual contacts were made by RAF and USAF personnel over Eastern England.

The incident began at around 9.30pm on Bentwaters airbase, Suffolk during the evening of August 13th. An object was tracked on radar travelling at speeds up to Mach 15 (10800 mph) about 25 miles or so to the east/south east. A T33 trainer aircraft was diverted to intercept.

Around 9.35pm a number of radar returns were tracked moving north east eventually all appearing to merge into one and often travelling at speeds well below 1000 mph.

At 10.00pm another object was tracked and estimated to be travelling in excess of Mach 17 (12,000 mph). By 10.55pm another radar return showed a target approaching Bentwaters from the east at speeds over 2,000 mph.

Military personnel on the ground at Lakenheath also saw a number of luminous objects. Two of them appeared to make a sharp change in course, merge together and then fade to a point of light as they moved off.

Two RAF De Havilland Venom interceptors were scrambled. One pilot locked onto the target only to find the object circled and was now travelling behind his aircraft. The second venom did not make visual contact before the object vanished off radar.


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