UK UFO Cases : 1974 Berwyn Mountains UFO Crash?

Berwyn Mountains UFO

There is much speculation that may point to a UFO crashing or landing in the Welsh mountains one dark winter night early in 1974. There is a sceptical explanation that a series of rare, natural events caused loud explosions and strange pulsing lights over North Wales on January 23rd 1974. But not everyone agrees .

There are other accounts of the strange lights on the Berwyn mountains, an alleged British Army presence with roadblocks in the area, alien bodies recovered at the "crash" site, strange helicopter sightings, and visits by men-in-black . There is even a story, that other craft were submerged off the British Isles in the Irish Sea and flushed out of the sea by the Royal Navy and RAF. ....

The Berwyn Mountains Case is featured in much more detail here.


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