UK UFO Cases : 1977 Broadhaven School UFO & Humanoid

1977 Broadhaven School UFO

This is a UFO & humanoid case that seems almost forgotten today, despite it being one of the few UFO cases investigated by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). It became part of the “The Broad Haven Triangle” as other stories began to emerge in the spring and summer of 1977.

The story begins on the 4th February 1977. Children at Broad Haven junior school near Haverfordwest, South Wales, had witnessed a landed UFO in a field close to the school but it was somewhat obscured by shrubbery. The report also confirms that 6 of the youngsters reported seeing a humanoid figure close by.

David Davies (10) described a silver, cigar shaped object the size of a bus, hovering up above the trees as if trying to take off. It seemed to stop for a few seconds and disappeared back behind the tree line again. Davies agreed to accompany investigator later in the day, Randall Jones Pugh, to the area where the sighting had occurred. However it was raining heavily, and the light had faded before he could survey the scene.

On the Saturday (5th Feb 1977) Pugh and Hugh Turnbull of the Western Telegraph. accompanied Davies to the landing site. However no evidence was found. There was damage to a nearby telegraph pole with the support beam left at an angle. But Pugh found it implausible that there was nothing else of note despite heavy rain.

The headmaster, Ralph Llewellyn, and his staff were eventually convinced the pupils had been shocked by something. So Llewellyn asked the pupils to sketch and report what they had seen.

Hugh Turnbull decided to run with the story in the Western Telegraph on the 7th of Feb.1977.

“…the flying saucer was first seen at lunchtime on Friday (Feb.4th 1977), behind a bush about 300 yards from the school. Most of the children give the object a classical saucer shape, though other s have drawn it looking more like a pudding, or even a cigar. Some accounts give it a dome and windows; others say it had a flashing light.

On the 17th Feb one of the teachers, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that she had left the school by the side entrance (facing the east) on the day . Something shining had caught her eye and she could see a large oval shaped object with a slight dome, the colour of shining metal and heard a humming noise as the object glided away to the left.

Liz Philpott , a school secretary, believed the children had seen a tanker of some sort in the adjoining fields. She contacted the site manager of a nearby sewerage depot to find if any of his employees were responsible. His answer was a simple “Absolutely not. No way could we get down there”. A large vehicle would struggle to get into the field and would almost certainly be unable to get out.

 In later years a number of people came forward to claim their part in a bit of tomfoolery. In 1996 Local businessman Glyn Edwards, claimed he had wandered around the area in a silver suit in 1977 as a prank. In 2007 James Carlson from Albuquerque, New Mexico, wrote into the Fortean Times. He was stationed at the US Naval Facility in Brawdy and claimed he’d borrowed a fire fighting suite and oxygen tank to goof around in.

Was it really just silly pranksters wandering around in a silver suit? Could it perhaps have been some kind of secret military exercise in the area that we are still not aware of? Or did something stranger happen in South Wales in 1977?


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