UK UFO Cases : 1978 Britain Opposes UN Committee for UFOs

1978 UFO Conference at the United Nations

In 1977, Eric Gairy, the prime minister of the Caribbean island of Grenada, began his personal crusade to establish an international committee dedicated to studying and sharing UFO reports. Most nations were lukewarm to the idea.

However in the British National Archives there exists a document that shows the United Kingdom's desire to oppose such a UFO committee out of fear that it would ultimately cause the U.N. to fall into some sort of disrepute:

"The British delegation does not think that the establishment of an agency for research into unidentified flying objects is appropriate to the functions of the United Nations. ...

Hopefully, a confrontation with the representatives of Grenada can be avoided, but the U.K. should not hesitate to make its views known as and when appropriate. ..."

Foreign and Commonwealth Office ministers expressed the view that any such body would reduce the credibility of the U.N. The U.K. delegation was instructed to oppose Gairy’s proposal with the implication that the other Commonwealth nations should follow suit.

Nevertheless, on behalf of Gairy, Lee Speigel organized presentations in November 1978 to the UN Assembly. It contained notable speeches by Stanton Friedman, Jacques Valles and J. Allen Hynek. Spiegel has said that the US State Dept. was carefully watching.

There seems something more to this as surely the study of UFOs should be an international exercise and any first contact situation be with a body that at least attempts to represent the planet?

What the real motive of the attempts to block the proposal is open to speculation.


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