UK UFO Cases : Bagshot Heath Encounter – 1985

1980s UFO

During the evening of Sept 15th 1985 the McMurray family was travelling home to Farnborough along the A322 towards Bagshot in their family car. They turned onto the B311 – Red Road for Farnborough just after 9pm. As they turned a slight bend in the road they were astounded to see an object hovering above the road some 60 yards in front. The intensity of the light caused the driver, David McMurray , to look away for a moment. He noticed another similar object to their rear hovering just above the tree line and following them. The first object had now risen silently into the sky and vanished and a White Volvo behind had stopped and pulled over. The second UFO continued to follow them.

McMurray decided to carry along the road along to a new property development where he got out leaving his wife and two small children in the vehicle. The UFO was hovering about 50 ft in the air above the tree line on the opposite side of the road. Then a buzzing noise started and he could clearly see a bright red light on one side of the craft and a green light on the other. A number of bright white lights seemed equally spaced around the craft but there was no movement. McMurray’s Sketch of the craft is also similar to Albert Burtoo’s?

After a minute or two the craft shot up into the sky and was a small light in the sky in seconds. McMurray did not stop to speak to the driver who had stopped behind him and instead headed to the local police station to file a report. A number of other sightings were logged by the public in the Bagshot Heath area at around the same time.

The next morning the family experienced strange after effects. The whole family, who normally arose before 6 am, did not wake up until nearer 9:30 am. McMurray found his car would not start and the battery was flat. A few hours later he began to suffer with a severe headache, although a checkup at the local hospital revealed blood pressure and heart rate to be normal. He then felt a hollow feeling in his stomach and shaking legs which lasted over a week. His wife suffered the same symptoms a few days later. After recovering, McMurray began to develop disturbed sleep patterns, memory loss and small red, circular skin blemishes just over an inch in diameter on the left hand side of his body. The blemishes would fade and new ones would appear lower down. Then the blemishes began to appear and fade on the right hand side. McMurray would find himself verbally explaining the working of electrical and mechanical devices like a light bulb and his car engine whilst conscious and remembers peculiar out of body experiences at night.

The oddest part of it all was that the phrase “Epsylon 44L – 47L” kept repeating in his head even though he had no idea what it meant or could mean.
At first McMurray resisted hypnosis therapy. However the whole experience troubled him and he finally agreed on the 12th Jan 1986. The hypnosis session revealed that “The Guardians” from Epsylon 44L – 47L had contacted him via a telepathic type of process during his UFO encounter. McMurray seemed confused by the message. When asked who or what the Guardians were he kept repeating; “Don’t Know.….Should Know”.

Two weeks later on 26th Jan 1986 he was driving down Red Road once again. He’d previously felt stressed driving on the same road since the incident but this time suffered a severe headache that forced him to pull over. Arriving home in Farnborough his wife Sue recalls him acting in a trance like state whilst searching for a pen and paper and then transcribing a bizarre message.

The message, as far as can be made out says:


EPSOLON> Planet location 12th quadrant. Primary function GUARDIANS of Planets. Watching Earth since 12 BC Man’s development up to early 19th Century almost nil > Key people located on Earth early 1990; development up to date increasing by 50% : - still have not basic ?????? practice > Warlike which will not be tolerated > Still divided on the idea of one supreme ruler > Will continue to watch and instruct. Key people onto the rate of advancement. Recommend that the advancement be realized as to the nature of their planet and that they are allowed to continue at the 50% rate rather than to give them full co-operation.

It would be 24 years before Jim Penniston would reveal the translation of a binary code message he claims to have received in Rendlesham Forest during 1980 from a UFO. Could there be some kind of link with the concept of the advancement humanity here? Was Britain being visited by these Guardians in the 1980s given the subtle links between cases? Or is this just wild speculation?



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