UK UFO Cases : 1983 – Alfred Burtoo Alien Encounter

1980s UFO

Early in the morning of Friday Aug 12th 1983 (just after midnight) Alfred Burtoo left home in Aldershot , Hampshire for a spot of night fishing in the nearby Basingstoke Canal. Before settling down to fish he had a brief chat with a Military Policeman from the local RAF Base and then continued to his spot on the canal bank. He tied up his dog on a leash, prepared his fishing gear and recalled the gong of the Buller Barracks striking 1 am.

As Burtoo poured a cup of tea from his flask he saw a brilliant light in the sky to the South over a railway bridge. It dimmed and then settled down on the towpath about 300 feet from him. Two small “lifeforms” left the craft in pale green uniform with a blackened visor and approached Burtoo. His dog began to growl and show signs of nervousness.

A sort of standoff developed for a minute or two, until the entity to Albert Burtoo’s right beckoned him and Burtoo followed. As they got close to the railway bridge their craft became visible. Part of it was over the canal. Burtoo climbed into the craft. He recalls it being cramped as the lifeforms were only around 4’ in height. Next he was told to “come over and stand under the amber light”.

When Albert moved into the light source in the middle of the craft he was then asked “What is your age?”.

He responded that he would be 78 at his next birthday and was informed “You can go. You are too old and too infirm for our purpose.”

Burtoo left the craft and remembers it lifting off once he was about 300 yards away. Within seconds it was gone.

Afterwards when questioned he declared that he hadn’t believed in aliens and UFOs but he did now and that the craft was illuminated internally but he couldn’t actually pinpoint the source of the light.

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