UK UFO Cases : The Strange Case of Zigmund Adamski & PC Alan Godfrey – Nov 1980

1980s UFO

Zigmund Adamski , a 56 year old miner, went missing from his home in Tingley, Yorkshire in June 1980. He had gone out to get some shopping. But he never returned home. Some five days after he was last seen, Zigmund's body was found at a coal yard in Todmorden. This was 20 miles from his home.

Zigmund's body was found on the top of a pile of coal although it could be seen from a nearby railway line. His watch and wallet had gone. But the mysterious fact about this strange death is that he was found dressed in a suit with his shirt missing.

It is often said that his corpse showed only a day's growth of beard even though he had been missing for 5 days. This suggests he had been alive until a day before the body was discovered. So where had Adamski been?

Mysterious burns were also found on his back, neck and shoulders and the coroner found traces of an ointment that appeared to have been used on Adamski . Forensic tests could not identify the substance and theories of alien abduction were banded about.

Bizarrely the police officer, PC Alan Godfrey, who discovered Adamski’s body was to also see a bright, fuzzy, oval shaped UFO at 5am on 28th November 1980 whilst searching for some cows reported missing. The cattle were later discovered in a rain soaked field without any hint of tracks showing how they had arrived there. Meanwhile Godfrey had decided to call his search off and began to head back to the station. He could see lights ahead and assumed he was approaching a works bus that made a regular early morning journey and he had seen before. However as he drove closer he realized he was not looking at a bus. There was an oval shaped object in front of him which appeared to be rotating at a very low altitude. The foliage close by could be seen being disturbed as if there was a strong wind blowing. He stopped to make notes and took out a pad he kept in the patrol car. There was a flash of light and the next thing he remembers is driving along the same road further on his journey.

On his return to the police station he did not mention anything about his unusual experience. However he noticed that he could not account for about 15 minutes or so of his journey. However another report from Halifax of two police officers seeing a glowing object not long before Godfrey's sighting encouraged him to file a report.

The report appeared in a local paper and Godfrey was tracked down by a UFO group in the North of England. Godfrey's memory was however hazy of what happened. He recalls that it was a rainy night but the road underneath where the object was seen was completely dry. His police issue footwear also showed signs of damage to the soles.

He agreed to undergo hypnotic regression which revealed a very strange tale. The session revealed he had been taken to a strange room, like the living room of a house, complete with a black dog. He was studied by a heavily bearded man dressed in biblical style clothing who telepathically conveyed that his name was "Yosef" or "Josef". Assisting Yosef were several small robot-like creatures that maybe resembled Grey aliens in some details but differed in others. His hypnotic memories were also more like dream sequences than the common intrusive abduction tales that have permeated since the late 1970s.

Godfrey was confused even more by his hypnosis sessions and had no idea what to make of it all. He believed his sighting was real but was unsure whether the hypnosis session had added anything to help his case as it all seemed too bizarre for a straight forward Yorkshire man to entertain.


Unfortunately the mainstream media began to enquire about his experience and he was forced to appear before his superiors and undergo tests to confirm his mental stability. This is something that is symptomatic of the whole UFO phenomenon. Back in the 1980s you could easily put your career at risk by speaking about the UFO subject if you were in the police service or armed forces. Godfrey was confirmed as fit for duty but retired a few years later from an injury picked up in a totally unrelated case.

Todmorden is an area where many UFO sightings have been made. This remains an odd case and had a deep effect on Alan Godfrey the officer involved.

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