UK UFO Cases : 1995 - Alien Autopsy Footage 1995

1990s UFO

Back in the 1992, Ray Santili, a British Entrepreneur, had been searching for old footage of Elvis Presley in the United States. He claimed that whilst visiting a former cameraman from the US military, he had acquired around 90 mins of film of the original autopsy of a captured alien from 1947.

In May 1995 both he and Gary Shoefield a business partner, previewed some of the footage to media, press and ufologists.

By the end of the summer the film had been shown in over 30 countries on TV and was being hotly debated. The TV special, shown by FOX in the US and Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, managed to pull in around a billion viewers worldwide.

Although it had been considered fake from the moment it became public , Santili maintained that the footage he received was genuine but so badly damaged once he’d received it that he simply “re-constructed” it from memory and used artistic licence.

The whole story was even adapted for a comedy film “Alien Autopsy” in 2006 starring British TV presenters Ant & Dec . Despite conceding that the actual footage shown on TV was faked up, and the film told the story of the whole saga, Santili maintained that some footage did survive and is in the film but has never told us exactly which parts.

The obvious place seems the sequence at the end of the film but ,with his credibility shot to pieces, it is highly doubtful there is any grain of truth to the story.

Nonetheless, the whole episode made Ray Santili a huge sum of money.

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