UK UFO Cases : 1998 - Prime Minister Tony Blair Briefed On UFOs

1990s UFO

In 1998 Prime Minister Tony Blair was about to create the UK’s own Freedom of Information Act. Blair was briefed on the UFO topic in the same year.

During the 1990s UFO reports peaked just before Blair took office. The Ministry of Defence decided to give the new Prime Minister, a briefing on UFOs because Blair was concerned about the disclosure of classified information on alien life forms. The contents of the briefing are unknown.

Tony Blair has since gone on record in his memoirs to say that introducing a Freedom of Information Act is the worst decision he ever took. Blair has never made it public whether he believes in the existence of ET although he was convinced there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

As the decade, the century and the millennium drew to a close there were reports of flying triangles once again in early 1999 over Derbyshire and the Peak District and plenty of lights in the sky stories. The internet grew became an active hive of information, and the MoD eventually decided to release certain UFO files because they did not threaten the security of the nation. It all seems a little too convenient.

The sceptical research of Dr. David Clarke and Andy Roberts began to get under the skin of other UK based Ufologists. Certain UFO information, like The Condign Report, from the 1990s did not surface until the following decade. Other information may have never entered the public domain.

The MoD have maintained a secretive stance over the UFO issue since WWII. It could be that a select few in the British Establishment know closely guarded secrets and the majority of politicians know very little. However Lord Hill-Norton, Earl Mountbatten and even Churchill were kept in the dark at times, whilst Lady Thatcher gave a very cryptic hint at what she may really know when she said “You can’t tell the people”.

It seems to this day that no one will.


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