UK UFO Cases : 1997 UFO above the Home Secretary’s House

1990s UFO

He was once described by a colleague, Anne Widdecombe, as having “something of the night about him”. On March 8th 1997 a large triangular UFO was seen hovering above the home of the former home secretary and Conservative Party leader Michael Howard.

Eyewitnesses said they had seen and heard a "humming" object the size of two passenger planes close to his house near Folkestone in Kent.

Another witness said: ''It was just a huge triangle thing, which was a lot bigger than an aeroplane or anything like that. It had lights all around the outside, and this disc attached to the back, and a big light on the front. I pulled up to a stop and as I did it shot off. I was really frightened by it and I'm not stupid. I don't believe in anything like that (UFOs). This is not something I've ever seen before or like something we would have built.”

An RAF investigation into the sighting was undertaken, but the findings revealed nothing unusual with no threat to Mr. Howard. The report commented that inquiries had confirmed no unusual or unauthorized air activity, civil or military was reported or observed in the area on that date in question. Smells of a cover up perhaps?

Strangely a neighbour did see police activity and a search helicopter with its beam pointing skywards (not at the ground) in the vicinity of the home secretary’s residence.

Timothy Good states that a security clampdown followed the incident in his book “Need to Know”. He did ask for a comment from Mr. Howard who merely stated that “I was and remain completely unaware of any such incident”.

Perhaps Michael Howard felt no desire or “need to know” what was going on around his home that night or had been briefed to say nothing about “something of the night about him”.

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