UK UFO Cases : 1995 - Manchester Airport UFO

1990s UFO

January 6, 1995, Captain Roger Wills and copilot Mark Stuart were beginning their descent towards Manchester Airport in a Boeing 737. Seventeen minutes before touchdown, a mysterious, triangular-shaped UFO flashed past the right-hand side of the aircraft at a distance described as being "very close" - so close, in fact, that the crew instinctively "ducked" in their seats.

This is an extract from the radio chatter between crew and the radar tower.

Pilot: "We just had something go down the RHS just above us very fast."

Control : "Well, there's nothing seen on the radar. Was it an aircraft?"

Pilot : "Well, it had lights; it went down the starboard side very quick [and] just slightly above us, yeah."

Control: "Keep an eye out for something, I can't see anything at all at the moment so, must have been very fast or gone down very quickly after it passed you I think."

Pilot : "Okay. Well, there you go!"


An eyewitness on the ground described the craft as triangular. However the CAA investigation failed to trace the cause of the incident with the possibility of a US Stealth aircraft straying off course being discounted.



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