UK UFO Cases : Nov 1990 - RAF Tornado Takes Evasive Action from UFO

1990s UFO

During the evening of Nov 5th 1990 a number of strange sightings were recorded throughout Northern Europe. Around this time there were also many UFO sightings in Belgium.

In France, about 15 miles east of Paris, martial arts instructor and former Air Force/Air France pilot, Jean Gabriel Gresle was standing outside a local gym at 7pm local time (6pm UK time). He saw an “…enormous a floating city…about 1000 ft long with a thickness of 200 feet…triangular substructures and many, many lights. It projected two huge divergent beams of light that didn’t quite reach the ground”. Gresle noted the lights dimmed very quickly as it turned its back on his group and noted a zone of silence as it flew over at “never more than 100 mph”.

The same evening a flight of RAF Tornados were flying back to the UK from RAF Laarbruch, Germany. At around 6pm a large object on their right was detected sporting an array of blue and white lights and overtook the group. After a short moment the craft accelerated out of sight at unimaginable speed. Nothing showed up on the radar of the control tower or the aircraft. Another RAF crew reportedly saw the craft and had given “possible identifications” as Stealth aircraft. But the blue and white lights make that seem highly unlikely.

A British Airways passenger jet was returning to London at 31,000 ft over the Alps and the pilot also reported a strange sighting. At around 6.15pm the pilot reported seeing ahead and to his right a set of bright lights with the leading light somewhat larger and brighter than the others described as “a large silver shaped disc “. They were flying in a V formation but disappeared out of sight rapidly. He heard another crew report in a similar sighting.

Later reports claimed this was a satellite, whilst the pilot responded that he had seen satellite re-entries before and it didn’t look like a satellite to him. A colleague in another BA aircraft later told him he had seen two bright mystifying lights over the North Sea on the same evening.

Around 10pm, two more RAF Tornado crews sighted two large UFOs with blue and white lights around the rim over the North Sea. As they closed in on their targets one of the fighters was forced into evasive action to avoid colliding with a UFO as both targets headed north and out of range. Again radar picked up nothing. The mystery of what the pilots had seen remained.

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