UK UFO Cases : Early 20th Century

Before World War II, the world was a very different place. The terms UFO and Flying Saucer were yet to be defined. So to warm things up we will start at the very dawn of the 20th Century.

1901 Bournbrook - A strange tale from the first days of the post-Victorian era in which a young boy encounters two small humanoid creatures.

1909 Caerphilly Mountain - In the middle of May 1909, two human looking entities, bizarrely covered in fur clothing appear to be repairing a silver tube shaped craft.

1909 Scareship Sightings - Stories of phantom airships that continued into the years of the great war.

1922 Barmouth, Wales - One of the earliest stories of a USO in the Irish Sea.

1934 New Forest, England - A tourist witnesses a bright colourful light that suddenly vanishes.

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