UK UFO Cases : The 1950s and a UFO Cover Up

Coming Next the 1950s

The 1950s was a time when the concept of space travel and life on the other planets of the Solar System was growing in the minds of the public. Contactees were speaking of their meetings with space brothers, as were hoaxers. Perhaps there was no difference between the two?

All of this was against a backdrop of the growing threat of nuclear annihilation from either side of the Iron Curtain and by the end of the decade a space race had began between the United States and the Soviet Union.

There was a state of nervousness in Britain and people in the highest echelons of society, like Churchill and Earl Mountbatten, believed there to be something to the UFO phenomenon. However many officials within the Establishment were extremely sceptical as well.

From most of the released “official” documentation it seems that the British Ministry of Defence did not want the public to know what was going on to avoid a public panic. It would appear, however, that they knew little about the origin of the unidentified objects that were invading UK airspace themselves. Some of the problems can be attributed to radar echoes and noise, from early radar equipment. But there were far too many visual sightings to discount everything.

It was a peak period of UFO activity and a cover up was enforced to play down the significance of sightings (or ignore them altogether to keep them from reaching the media). A curtain of ridicule was to become the main tactic of dealing with public sightings in the United States and this eventually crossed the Atlantic but it didn’t stop UFOs from being reported.


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