UK UFO Cases : The 1960s High Strangeness

The 1960s

There seems to have been a lull in Close Encounters during the early to mid 1960s across Britain. Maybe that new fangled invention TV had become cheap enough to keep people from gazing at the skies at night?

Others think that a Ministry of Defence enforced press silence had been put in place along with a policy of ridicule and that this had led to people being reluctant to report sightings officially. There certainly seems to have been a reduction in released reports from the military (something close to zero) during the era.

The graph of reported UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) tells it all.

By the end of the 1960s, in the US, the Condon Report had concluded that there was no real tangible evidence for extra-terrestrial visitation and Project Bluebook was wrapped up as a new decade beckoned. Here in Britain thinking began to change after 22 years of UFO reports. It seemed that the 1950s belief in nuts and bolts flying saucers, flown by beings from other planets was being questioned, doubted even. Serious researchers began to talk of “other universes” and dimensions. The disappointment of finding nothing living on the moon and the probability that intelligent life was nowhere around us in the solar system had changed attitudes.

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