UK UFO Cases : The 1980s "You Can't Tell the People"

1980s UFO

The 1980s. An era of high technological change when personal computers, console games, satellite TV and "just about mobile" telephone technology were introduced. As the world shrank the UFO lore also expanded.

The dawn of the decade saw one of the weirdest British UFO cases in history when the body of Zigmund Adamski was found on top of a pile of coal. Adamski is believed to have been abducted by aliens in some circles. What is even stranger is what happened to the policeman who found his body. Later in 1980 an incident involving USAF personnel based at RAF Bentwaters and Woodbridge occurred and has become one of the most famous UFO stories across the world. Known as the Rendlesham Forest UFO case and one that triggered Margaret Thatcher's quote on UFOs " can't tell the people".

Later in the 1980s strange encounters with alien beings and even injuries attributed to UFO activity were reported.

As the 1980s began to draw to a close the subject of crop circles and a link to flying saucers were made. Across the world sightings of black triangles became more and more frequent. The Belgian Air Force encountered them first hand. The story of little grey aliens crashing near Roswell and thousands of abduction accounts had now became an additional layer of UFO lore. Science fiction TV and films began to introduce these concepts to the general public across the world as satellite and cable TV became widespread.

Across the pond the MJ12 documents were being debated for their authenticity and then Bob Lazaar and Area 51 found their place in UFO history. There was an awful lot of political upheaval, and then the Berlin Wall suddenly came down and the old superpower structure of Communist East v Capitalist West had vanished in the space of a few months.

Everything was set up for the new decade when things were about to explode during the 1990s.


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