UK UFO Cases : The 1990s - The Truth is Out There

1990s UFO

The 1990s. It seems quite recent in terms of history but we have also come a long way. The Soviet Bloc had just collapsed, there were no real enemies to stand in the way of the US and its Western allies it seemed. A new era of global communication was about to explode onto the world.

Shows like Star Trek NG and the X-Files moved from cult following to mainstream TV shows. Roswell’s 50th Anniversary also turned people’s thoughts to the skies and conspiracy within governments. There was the discovery of the first exo-planets and a meteorite from Mars that may have contained fossilized life. This was also the time when the first war in the gulf was fought, Princess Diana's death left a lingering doubt and Labour finally gained their first victory in an election since the mid-1970s.

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