UK UFO Cases : The Westerham Incident

Ghost Rockets over Scandinavia and R V Jones

The Westerham incident involved the alleged crash of an object at Westerham in Kent, dating back to 1946. Westerham is just a couple of miles from Chartwell, then the home of Sir Winston Churchill. It started, with an irate call from a farmer called "Gunyon" to the Air Technical Intelligence Staff. He wanted the Air Ministry to remove “one of those darned contraptions” which had fallen onto his farm. Secretly, two staff cars were dispatched. On arriving in Westerham the agents could not locate the farm or the farmer. They eventually traced a farmer named "Bunyan", who strenuously denied having made the call. The two officers involved then theorized that their Director R.V Jones was behind a prank to dampen their belief in “ghost rockets”.

According to his book, Most Secret War a message received from General MacArthur’s staff in Tokyo, asked for confirmation that a ghost rocket or ‘flying bomb’ had recently crashed in England. Director of Intelligence, Air Commodore Vintras, asked Jones for advice on how to respond and accidentally let it slip that this could be tied in with the “Westerham Incident”. In his book, Jones implies he had no knowledge of the incident until Vintras told him of it and denies any deception of the officers sent out to investigate.

However in 1947, simple things like lumps of coke and weather balloons were becoming difficult to identify on both sides of the Atlantic. The murky world of UFOs and government secrets had already began.

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